Monday, April 25, 2011

The Bedouin.

Bedouin are dessert nomads, and how better traveling as to go with a elephant.

This Bedouin sells everything you need.

Relax sitting in the soft pillows, enjoying tea and a Shisha (water pipe) business can take the hole day.

With a big smile shows the Bedouin all the stuff he is traveling with.

In the trunk of the elephant is a water reservoir. After you lowered the leather bag into the well the pulley will help you to bring the full bag up.

Aladdin (Nella) has also came by and let Genie out of his bottle. 


  1. Hi Sherpa... Nice to meet you at the fair in Farum DK, and nice to be able to get a closer look at your wonderful work. The blog gives the opportunity to enlarge the pictures more than on your mobile. I am now a follower of your blog and I have put a link on my blog Obsidian Hall :0)

  2. Hi. What a wonderful gazebo you've made!!
    I'm glad I saw the little jewel box in Farum, because it looks much better in real life.
    Lene, Kikkassen, Denmark